My Favorite CSS Properties

(In no particular order-)

This section of code adds a scrollbar when you input more content then it can render. Keeps boxes nice and neat for you!! I love it lots, though it can be annoying when it adds a scrollbar to things that don't need one. overflow:hidden; is also really good, but I use auto much more often, just due to the way I ended up formatting the website.

I love pixel art, but sadly websites do not. But with this simple line of code my pixel art is as crisp as it is beautiful!!! what a beautiful value...

I love padding, its just a universally good trait, always useful no matter the website's style. It's easy to overdo it on the padding, but if you get it looking right, it makes it seem like there is none at all.

I love this one, it makes the math significantly easier. By including the padding in the box's measurements, it makes it nice and easy to make boxes the same size without having to pull out a calculator. It can sometimes mess things up further, but typically it's no big deal at all.

Simple and sweet, text-align:center; always works in a sinch. It can sometimes make things more difficult, and it usually pushes me to have one too many dividers, but it's usefulness far outweighs any annoyance it might cause.