Elon Has Dug His Grave, Now Others Are Rising From The Dead.

For the first time in a long time, Tumblr has made a good business move. Back in 2018, Tumblr was bought by Verizon. 2 years later, it was sold at a loss of millions of dollars. When Tumblr was bought, Verizon banned porn on Tumblr, a move that cemented Tumblr as dead in the eyes of many. They lost 1/3 of their user base in the following 2 years. Most of those people flocked to Twitter.

Now that Elon has bought Twitter and made some... Interesting business decisions... A popular joke on the website is that people are going to move to Tumblr of all places. Capitalizing on this- and following through on something they’ve been working on for a while- Tumblr is unbanning porn. By kicking Elon when he’s down, this move could be a large deal for Tumblr.

While Tumblr hasn’t outright stated that they are unbanning porn, (however, I think they’ll most likely turn a blind eye to it.) this policy change could bring Tumblr back in popularity. Tumblr has already been preparing itself for an increase in userbase, setting itself up for the younger generations, and slowly making itself more similar to other social media sites.

Automattic, the company that owns Tumblr, has been making moves to help bring Tumblr out of the red- from securing proper advertising, business deals, and subscription services. These moves allow Tumblr to monetize itself without selling out. The userbase historially has a hard time with ads, but these advertisements seemingly work out of a sense of pity. Tumblr is growing into a platform that is slowly allowing large brands to do proper marketing, while Twitter is scaring away advertisers while it loses it’s stability.

While the move to unban nudity was already happening before Twitter’s fall from grace, the timing couldn’t have been better, as Meta (Facebook’s parent company) loses stock prices after Zuckerburg doubles down on the Metaverse as well. With the rise of TikTok, the fall of Instagram’s, Snapchat’s, and Facebook’s popularity, the new era of social media has begun, and this shift in tides is a crucial time for all platforms. Will Twitter fall like the others, or will it continue to grow against the odds? Only time will tell.