About Me!


I'm a self proclamed and self taught artist and programmer. I grew up with a keyboard in my hands and a screen in my face. My favorite color is vegitation green, but I also love red and blue. I'm making the website I would have loved as a kid, gathering various bits and bobs to add to my collection. This website isn't congruous, rather a scrapbook I keep adding pages to based on my whims. This isn't a professional website by any stretch of the imagination. My links are below if you want to learn more about me!


likes ❤

  • drawing
  • typing
  • girls
  • dislikes ✕

  • comp sci
  • soda
  • lunch meat
  • I'm autistic, and I'm working on getting my masters in Data Science. I find the field as a whole very interesting, and data science has rekindled my love of coding in general. As a kid, I loved to code but over the years I grew tired of it, since I was pressured into learning it academically rather than for fun. Working on my tumblr blog made me relearn what originally drew me to coding in the first place- having fun!


    My links


    five dollar webring

    About the Five Dollar Webring

    The five dollar webring is my group of friends and collaborators- we give eachother lessons, inspire eachother, and work together! All of the people involved are very talented, and if you have any questions, I highly reccomend contacting one of them. (●'◡'●)