Welcome to the best site on the web!

It's okay to reference and copy chunks of my code!

I'm an artist and programmer, and I believe in an internet that is free for everyone to use. On this website I gather various resources and write my own articles. My only social media is Tumblr, which is where you can contact me. If you find this website, feel free to reach out there and send me an ask!

Official woolie.neocities.org Button!!


1/12/23: I have been doing minor changes as well as other edits. I'm planning on starting to work on a new theme, so there will not be any updates till I get that ironed out. Hopefully it should be short! I'm thinking about making it Puyo Puyo themed and changing the navibar to look nicer as well as doing some font updates. Either way, exciting times.
1/8/23: New page added! It allows you to format quiz results into an html module you can put on your page. I'd been doing it manually, but it was annoying so I wanted to make something that allows you to do it quickly. I added a link to my page at the bottom, but you can remove that easily. In other news, minor changes have been made to site, as well as some new pages. I plan to make something similar for generating buttons. Because I host on neocities, I have to make it all work client side, so that means any sort of "generators" like this are going to be inherently limited.
12/24/22: Created free template for people wanting to make a simple webpage! Go get it from my Resources page! If you use it lmk, I'd love to see what people do with it!!!
12/24/22: Created a function that updates URL depending on what page you are on, allowing people to permalink to various sites. Huge thanks to Cody! :3
12/24/22: Added page that loads a random image on refresh! I've been wanting to do this since I originally made this page, so it makes me really happy to see it finally completed. I'll add more images over time, however ideally I'll make a larger library once I upgrade to supporter status and get more storage. Until then, just appreciate the 13 or so images already in there. I hope to also add a webpage that shows what music I've been listening to, since I already have them all tracked through last.fm.
12/23/22: Finally swapped index completely over to the new webpage. Added pages about my characters, my pet bird, and links to my articles as well. Webpage can now redirect to specific iframe pages as well, allowing for direct links. (Large thanks to Coco's Dad!)
12/22/22: Enabled offline editing through VScode thanks to my friend meteroite! go follow it. it's planning on making a tutorial on how to do this in the future + it's super cool so just go follow it
11/29/22: Added another shrine for my favorite character- reigen. So now i have reagan and reigen shrines LOL. both are pretty simple / not resource heavy. i could post them as simple templates on my webpage, but I'd have to clean them up and comment them- so I'll probably do it later!! anyways yay
11/27/22: Added a shrine for my latest kin who I gained against my will. Did some editing of the iframe as well so now it works properly! I'm quite proud of my hand coded pages. I made the shrine without a stylesheet and thank god for them. They make coding so much prettier- though a little less accessable.
11/22/22: Added about me + links to iFrame homepage, also added button on homepage to test out the beta! The beta page could use more decor + colors.
11/21/22: Added button + slight modifications. Working on a more "modern" iFrame style website, because I've always admired those, but I don't know if it'll look good. Guess I just gotta wait and see.
11/18/22: Website reskin, now it is green themed. Also reorganized a few files and deleted some old ones. General website cleanup. My current computer monitor doesn't render colors as vividly, so I didn't see how bright the red rendered on other monitors. Hopefully these colors are more pleasant.
10/27/22: Created website

-To Do-

  • Edit button
  • Expand Art/Ocs section
  • Add possessions page/favorite media page
  • Create webmaster email to collect mail!
  • Get LAST.FM api key to add recently listened tracks to website
  • Create website templates for others to use