The Search for Tenchi Muyo "Construction"

If you've spent any time scrolling through Gifcities, or looking at 99gifshop, You've likely seen this gif.
This gif, depicting two anime styled girls on a construction site is all over various blogs, gif compilation sites, and the internet n general. Some images are static, while others are blinking, or flashing, like this one here, (The version found on 99gifshop.) Some have text, some have edited colors, but the thing they all have in common is a lack of source.
While typically I might consider such quests a lost cause, especially due to the fact that the earliest date I have on this gif puts it in the very early 2000s, The quality and frequency at which I see this image makes me believe that the original source cannot be too far away.
First things first, who ARE these girls?
The Girls
These two characters are from a show titled Tenchi Muyo, a series that was started in 1992. An anime, entitled Tenchi Muyo! was aired in 1995, and was aired in the US in 2000. The girls names are Mihoshi and Kiyone. Seemingly they were made for the show specifically, which gives us a specific time-frame for when the gif could have been created.
The Image & It's Variations
One thing about this image is the huge amount of variations that one can find.

The most popular variation, with flashing batons and canon hair and skin tones.

Another variation, with edited colors, note the "Hi!" text next to Mihoshi, as well as the more canon accurate clothing and hat colors- however the hair and skin tones are not very accurate to the original designs of these characters, making this not the original piece.
This variation includes the "Hi!" as well as the canon accurate coloring throughout, however there is no movement in the gif, making it a static image.
On a site dedicated to archiving various gifs before Geocities was deleted, both the popular flashing variation and the "Original" variation are included. Click here to see. As of 1/11/23, This is where the search ends, as geocities is hard to search through.