Those dogs wobble for sure. I love this game a lot, there's a lot of hidden depth to it that is often ignored due to the more "memey" nature of the game. It's genuinely an engaging pet and gene sim.


This game is a perfect brain off game. People often talk about it being difficult or hard, but progression is simple as long as you remember to buy low and sell high. It's reputation as an incredible hard sim is completely unearned in my opinion. It's pretty simple and relaxing.


It's minecraft. I don't know what else to say about it. Genuinely one of the best video games of all time. Singlehandedly popularized the sandbox game. The Video Game of all time.


Do you like solitare? Yes. Can solitare sometimes be kind of boring? Yes. This is solitare with Stress. (Literally, stress is a mechanic) It's a wonderful take on solitare for modern devices. The game would work really really well as a browser game or a phone game, so it's frustrating that it was a 3DS digital exclusive. If it wasn't for that, it could have become a staple of the system.


Fantasy Life is one of those games where people who know it LOVE IT, but most people haven't even heard of it. A cult classic. It's loved for a reason, something about the game makes you want to pour hundreds of hours into it. This is another one of those games where if it was on literally any device but the 3ds it would have been a smash hit. Rumors of a port have existed for a long time, but Level 5 has gone through some weird issues, so I fear that it'lll be forever doomed. Apparently it got an app in japan exclusively but it was unpopular.


The picture is the cover for the trilogy, however this entry is about the entire series. I don't actually have much to say other than I love Apollo Justice... he's just like me fr. I'm also an Edgeworth fan but I think that's a given for any ace attorney fan.


Somehow the best tetris port I've ever played. The completely remappable buttons, the cute charaters, the variety of gamemodes and the effects, the speed, and the everything. It's the definitive tetris experience, and it's not even meant to be a tetris game first and formost! It's a puyo puyo spinoff. Puyo puyo is fun too, but I'm not particularly good at it.


Pretty much anything that exists to be said about this game has been said. I don't actually have anything original to add. Programming game go brr. Baba go Baa.


I love this game. It's the definitive RPG maker game for me. It's a good solid 6 hour romp, and it's suuuuper cute. It almost made me cry like a billion times but I think that's the norm for this game. Also the original version is free. You literally have nothing to lose.


Literally some of the best movement I've ever had in a game ever. I literally just booted it up to fly around. It's gorgeous too. I love the low poly pixel aesthetic with the 3d models, it's reminicent of DS era graphics. It's just. really really good.


Very underreated rpg. Very cute, pretty simple and easy to finish but I liked it quite a bit. I wanna live in the world that these characters live in.


Mega Mix is just a port of Future Tone, so I'll count them as the same game. A classic in the rhythm game genre, and for a good reason. Challenging beatmaps, fun songs, and pretty graphics. Good game overall.


I'm a fan of hard 2d platformers. I've finished super meat boy with all A+, (at least on the normal levels) so I think it comes to no suprise this game is also on the list. I prefer the movement in smb, but the dash mechanics of this game are also fun. I have completed it, but I didn't get anywhere close to 100%ing it, and I probably should. Either way, good game. The graphics are also gorgeous.


One of the few "Newer" games on the list. Incredibly punishing game, very very difficult. I'm actually waiting for some sort of easier mode patch, but I doubt it'll come soon. Otherwise, a good game, but it's a serious time management sim. I haven't actually gotten the chance to play it seriously yet.


I loved Splatoon 2, but I never really got the chance to play much of it, so Splatoon 3 has been wonderful for me. I poured in around 60~ hours at launch, and even though college is ramping up, I still want to play it every day. I swore off shooters in highschool, but this one is slowly bringing me back.


I'm really really realy bad at this game. Like really really bad. However- it's still fun??? Somehow??? Truely a perfect example of accessable game design, fun for players of all skill types.


Yeah yeah, I know it's a walking stereotype for the lesbian to enjoy animal crossing. Leave me alone. I have something insane like 800 hours in this game and my island STILL looks bad. I got super burnt out on it, so I haven't picked it up since quarentine but still. It was a genuinely fun game during that time.


I listen to the OST for this game all the time. I completed the game, but I haven't 100%ed it either. It was really really fun, and once you get used to the controls, it's very easy to get addicted to it. Weirdgirl games unite. Or something.


I don't like pokemon games, despite trying my absolute hardest. But I love, and I mean love, this game. Even though it's very very flawed, something about running around capturing pokemon without having to battle them is so engaging. The world is pretty and it's so exciting to be running around and spot a pokemon you've been looking for in the distance.